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  • Yves "Jack" Albuquerque

Basic: Unity Animator Built-In Record/Playback System

Animator recording system is an obscure feature that you find when playing with the Mecanim System.

The idea is to create something like a replay. Record and Playback. Simple, easy and... well, not that easy.

How to use:

Start Record, Stop Record, Start Playback and... nothing work because you really need to manage the playback timeline your own. For that, I`ve created a small piece of code that you can download here.

The idea is:

- Play using Time.deltatime as parameter.

- Pause not updating it.

- Stop Playback when leave the Replay mode.

- Lerp normalized values between start record time and stop record time to create a Timeline.

Animator Record System implements a Cyclic Buffer and can record up to 1000 frames.


IK is not recorded

Root position is not recorded

You can see how it works below.

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