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Dev Review: 22 Cans

Is impossible to talk about 22 Cans without be impelled by the forces of nature that ties the company to the legendary game designer Peter Molyneux. Peter Molyneux deserves an entire post someday but let's try to avoid his name and the strong influence of the company on Guildford neighborhood and try to focus on the company titles.

I had played all Peter Molyneux games including all games from 22Cans, however, I never finished one game of 22Cans. Maybe cause I just played a couple of hours of each title but also 'cause I never finish The Trail and I'm not Bryan Henderson.

Project curiosity

The first project of 22Cans was something indescribable. And indescribable is the best description I can do for it, however, I understand that I need to write something else here so let's try.... Project Curiosity was a mix of monetization experiment, app, marketing campaign, game and ludic study.

Everything started with the amazing presentations of Peter Molyneux announcing his highly profitable weird experiment. The argument was to discover how much one can pay to check a box trying to find a hidden unknown life change prize. The result was somewhat brilliant and provided a hook for the next game of the company. Bryan Henderson


Godus was an ambitious project that was announced as an ongoing project that should evolve from an early access with community feedback overtime (like minecraft once did). Unfortunately, most players didn't understood the purpose of that long term early access expecting a functional game from start.

Godus is a classic god-game that still looking as a not-finished game. It should incorporate a living world with a "god of gods" real person. Unfortunately, the last phase never got to the expected result.

Godus War

Godus War adds combat elements that looks a missing part of the original Godus. At the end, Godus really feels as a MVP and Godus War really looks like an alpha game on top of Godus, an alpha of a bigger and amazing game that never was released.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge

22Cans did a drawback while doing Godus and started a less ambitious project called The Trail. The Trail is a mobile game. Simple but quite involving. Among the high expectation of revolutionary concepts from 22Cans, The Trail disappoints. However, as a mobile game, The Trails is quite good, beyond most mobile games with an involving narrative and a discrete, almost hidden complexity that adds several layers to the experience.


22Cans is a company marked by the ambitious and revolutionary expectatives. Right now, the history of the company resembles remarkable episodes of failures and remarkable episodes of success. The company reputation is closely related to their legendary game designer. 22Cans also have a huge role into Guildford game dev community.

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