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As result of 2 hour Game Jam, Respect! is a very simple and funny game; Actualy, disapointed by the lack of a theme on this Jam, we asked on facebook for 2 words to work on. The result was: Respect and Puppets.


After two hours, Respect! was ready and running on Unity3D. The version submitted after two hours you can play here.


After the submittion we did a little improvement (actually, a big improvement in general terms) and adapted to Windows Phone, Android and to be player in Facebook (Not yet released for lack of time but let me know if you want to see the last version).


The monetization system is something new to this industry and some of the socks used to make Respect! still avaiable for $500. Please let, me know if you want one of them.


At this very project we worked as a team on the Game Design with me as a programmer after the concept has being defined.



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