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*Hey guys, this project was abandoned about 7 or 8 years ago as my studies gone deeper and I saw that translate Shaders into that format will not work as expected, however, some friends asked me to not delete this section. I'll create a Shader Course focused on artists at some point but until that I'll keep that section untouched. Notice, several parts are not completed and they will not be completed so don't expect anything from here.

Welcome to ShaderArt! I use this place in order to document some of my studies. As you may notice, my way to understand math and shader programming is most visual. My objective here is to look at shaders as an artist by transforming math into simple brushes. Most studies I used ShaderForge, a visual node-based editor from Unity. If you`re a programming or a tech-artist, you may also find useful some codes and so I`ve added a code on most examples.


Here I put some basics about shader programming. This is far from a complete guide but a way to give you some directions to keep in mind.


A single value is a grayscale operator. Grayscale operator is a simple data per-pixel and can be used for different purposes. On this lab, I investigate operations using grayscale images using it as a basic operator. The intention here is to give a visual comprehension on how we can operate and manipulate a single channel in order to achieve the wanted result. (soon)

Colorful data

Here I explore colorful maps not only as an expansion from the grayscale lab but also exploring the potentiality of multi-channel images. My objective here is to look at shader programming on the same way that I look to photoshop, as a painting tool. (soon)

Vertex Operation

Vertex is the primary part of any 3d mesh. Vertex operations are much cheaper than pixel operations (since you have more pixels than vertex into your model). So vertex operations are usually more mobile-friendly. Here I look to a way to explore vertex as much as possible in order to generate interesting results. (soon)


Some major tricks and advanced topic are covered here. My objective here is to extrapolate shader programming showing advanced lightning systems, animation system, features from new graphic API as well mesh instantiation, mesh manipulation and codes calculated into GPU. (soon)

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