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  • Yves "Jack" Albuquerque

The True Truth

Using old definitions, we can say that through soul expansion devices, technology is inducing life to a designed multiple layered reality, being spirit, an explorative and social manifest.

Unlike popular format, this post starts with the conclusion followed by the a discussion on top of that, so, if you fully understand the proposition above, you can just stop here and save your time.

You may refuse my arguments here. That's totally fine, even expected. You may not agree with me at all and that's is totally reasonable. Actually, the interesting aspect of this post is exactly that: If you agree or not is irrelevant, even if you disagree with the arguments who leads to the conclusion.

All theories, all abstractions, all math, comes from the intent of understand how the universe, or part of it, works. This knowledge (AKA:Science), are shared among people as a common protocol. A social aspect to reinforce communication not only between persons, but, ultimately, between a human and a scope, a part of the perceived universe (AKA: reality), maybe an object or something that can receive a name.

Logic can assume different shapes by several ways but here we gonna use the term "Aristotelian Logic" to any logic that can be derived from classical logic as formal logic, math logic, computational logic and so on. Also, we need to abstract all binary formats (or should I say Unary?) : 0 and 1, true and false, on and off, real and unreal, be and not be. Let assume that is all the same.

Sometimes, Aristotelian logic looks like the one who really works, almost as the abstract description of reality. Based on Aristotelian logic, math, buildings, robots, rockets, smartphones, computers, and several others objects are builded. Several natural phenomenon can be predicted. Even body parts can be created. Aristotelian logic looks so true and functional that can lead us to think that it's the only valid logic, a misinterpretation, indeed.

Actually, to the Aristotelian logic works, a very narrow crop of the universe is needed. A crop where the elements can have only two values and just one value is true. We call it axioms. As faith, axioms should be accepted as true. We can reduce Aristotelian logic into three axioms:

.What is, is.

.Something necessarily is or isn't

.Something can only be or exclusively not be.

Those statements can looks obvious, but, the interesting thing is that denying any of these statements creates a totally new logic, and also, a valid one. Our new axioms looks like the ones below:

.What is, isn't.

.Something not necessarily is or isn't

.Something can be and not be.

In that context, comparing each axiom with their counterparts, we perceive the Aristotelian axioms as a reductio form from their counterparts. This reduced scope presents the sort of benefits tied to simplified stuff (Yes, I'm saying that math/logic is simple. So simple that can be easily complicated). By the the other hand, multivalued logics can be exactly what we need to understand reality (artificial realities included).

Next, I'll introduce two terms. Most of my friend (myself included), closes a text when they find those terms, that's why I need to warn you before present such terms. The terms are: Soul and Spirit. No matter if you are an atheist or have a religion, the next two paragraph will make all the sense even if you deny part of it.

Most religions expand reality concept thought beyond the perceived universe, what is not wrong, actually, our perception of the universe are very limited by our sensorial mechanism, positioning, emotional state and so on. Ancient greeks call it "Soul", a pretty fancy word to actually say: Alive (since living beings "sense" the world). Some religions expanded "soul" concept, others refuse this expanded concept and even the term itself. Today's scientists identified the responsible system and splitted this concept into sub-parts calling such structures: Neurons. I usually use scientific term, however, unlike "soul", neurons are not directly linked to life, so, at this point, I will call it: "Soul". Again, by soul, I mean the Input mechanisms from brain.

Another interesting word, who originally express the process after the info comes in, until it is expressed to a communication channel, is "spirit". Again, nowadays, there's different way to understand this word, however, my concept will be much older and restricted, representing only data processing and body's output. Scientists identified the same structures used on the sensorial mechanisms involved on this process. That's another reason to use Soul and Spirit instead of neurons or scientific expressions composed by many words.

Sensorial enhancements are very old stuff. Glasses, Auditory Enhancements, Magnifiers, all that and much more can be understood as soul enhancement. Less obvious, in a game, a display are an input channel from an artificial reality, as also, light sensors, positional trackers and sound systems. Whatever is used to conduct data for a living being is part of what I call soul. And that's where we start to find the link between this entire text, VR, AR, MR, Holography and all that stuff.

Feel the reality isn't enough to realize the truth into a reality. Response mechanisms as controllers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, mouse, keyboards, "force feedback" and touch screens are equally important. Moreover, smart systems and assistants are also elements which I call spirit enhancements.

Such terms encompasses all technologies being developed and presented by the biggest enterprises. A way to evaluate new techs, as also, propose new ones. Ultimately, we are producing artificial realities and creating new ways to sense and interact with such realities, sometimes, crossing souls and spirits between n-realities.

On the hardcore side, transhumanists and body hackers are people forcing soul and spirit expansion by tied integration between human default sensorial system and complementary tech.

Please, observe that artificial reality is actual reality. The sense of life into a reality, whatever if it's considered artificial or non-artificial, is defined by the sum of the soul and spirit into that reality. By that, I'm not saying that is an absurd to differentiate such realities, what I actually want is to blur such boundaries and create a reality-oriented way of think.

Not only due different soul and spirit apparatus a reality receive multivalues, but, as we add a perspective to any reality, the relativity itself, makes the data portion of the universe be diverse for each POV (point of view). How real is a dream or a star can cause different answers and that's totally fine as is totally fine the partially acceptance of this post, a multivalues truth as any other real thing.

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